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In the last twenty years we got used to pick up after our dogs. Then, in recent years, we become accustomed to pay for these solutions (plastic bags), but these solutions are not ecological or aesthetic.

 Now comes the next step- the SCOOPEASY.

The SCOOPEASY is an innovative ecological pooper-scooper that is not only ecological and aesthetic (made from recycled cardboard), but more efficient than any other equivalent product, and is the only one that has proved to collecting mayonnaise!



The SCOOPEASY was invented by Yishay Gabrieli, an economist by profession and a developer by passion, who became frustrated with the experience of plastic bags for picking up after his dog, both ecologically and aesthetically. The plastic bags have a limited ability to cope with all that his dog left behind. Therefore, he invented the SCOOPEASY — a disposable pooper-scooper made of recycled cardboard.

This product is not based on the usual principle of gripping; instead, it uses the efficient principle of a sharp sweeping blade of the arched cardboard, which provides rigidity and flexibility to the blade edge.


Why Indiegogo?

Initially, the SCOOPEASY was distributed in Tel Aviv, where it was embraced, and now we want to expose the product to the United States and the world through this campaign.



The SCOOPEASY is not only the most efficient pooper-scooper to deal with your dog's troubling business (the only one to be tested in the mayonnaise challenge!), it also contributes to the community (its assembly is part of a rehabilitation project for the visually impaired). The SCOOPEASY is aesthetically pleasant (avoiding the unpleasant sense of touch); comfortable (each scoop contains a string to tie it to the leash + auxiliary shovel + cover + carrying handle); and ecological (it is made from recycled cardboard and helps maintain a clean environment), so there is no reason not to try it.


The mayo challenge

Try to collect mayonnaise with another pooper-scooper, and you will see (and feel) the difference.

The scooping efficiency, which outranks any other product, makes the SCOOPEASY a preferred product, especially among those with puppies and dogs with stomach problems. To illustrate the effectiveness of the SCOOPEASY, we put it to the mayo challenge test, and we will be happy to remove it if we discover that any other product proves to have a higher collecting efficacy.


Rehabilitation of the visually impaired

Because of the special shape of the SCOOPEASY, we could not find a machine that could properly perform the folding and attaching required for the SCOOPEASY’s construction. Therefore, we teamed up with a rehabilitation center for the visually impaired in Jerusalem, where visually impaired Jews and Arabs work together to produce the SCOOPEASY. So when you support SCOOPEASY, you are also contributing to the community.


Who loves the SCOOPEASY?

Obviously, dog owners love the SCOOPEASY, but those with puppies and dogs with stomach problems especially appreciate its ability to deal with their pets’ messy business. The SCOOPEASY is great fun for children, who love its design, and community bodies love the connection between cleanliness and ecology. The Tel-Aviv municipality Veterinary Department distributed it in the city and during their dog adoption events, to heighten awareness of ecological cleaning and advocacy campaigns conducted in the city’s schools. Also, private veterinarians across the city use it as gifts for their clients.