First of all:  Efficiency


There is no product today with greater scooping efficiency than the SCOOPEASY. To prove it, we uploaded the video "mayonnaise challenge" on YouTube, demonstrating the scooping efficiency under challenging conditions. So far, no competitor did raise to the challenge!


User friendly


From the unique patented pinch opening, through the size of scooping mouth to the lacing suspension, each aspect of the SCOOPEASY's design focused on the user experience.




Why SCOOPEASY is a friend?



Beyond the ecological issue, collecting with plastic bag also has an unpleasant aesthetic aspect created by the feeling of the direct contact. SCOOPEASY solves this inconvenience. From now on, you no longer need to "eat with your hands."


The SCOOPEASY produced of recycled cardboard that decomposes after use, it avoids burdening the environment resources during its manufacture, and is recycled without the need of any special conditions (it can become a great flower garden compost)


Community friendly


Beyond all that, the SCOOPEASY assembled as part of a rehabilitation program for the visually impaired, so by purchasing the SCOOPEASY you support the Community as well.


Why SCOOPEASY is a friend?